I’m an affiliate marketer from northern Europe. I made the transition to affiliate marketing in my mid-thirties and I have been in affiliate marketing for five years now.
Prior to jumping into affiliate marketing, I was working in the hospitality industry. Long working hours, shitty salary and forced to work in the weekends and night times made me hate the industry and even my life.
I wanted to be more free and flexible in my life. Money really wasn’t the driving factor for me. I just wanted freedom.

In 2014 I had enough. I was in a well-paid job for a global corporation in the food and beverage industry. At the time, money was good but I just hated the job. I almost got burned out by stress. One Day I decided to sell my only asset at the time – my one-bedroom flat. The profit, made from the flat was around 10,000€. On the same day, when my flat got sold I resigned from my job. It was the best day of my life and it also marked the turning point in my life. I booked a one-way ticket to southeast Asia. It was time to figure out what I wanted from my life.

While being in Asia. I stumbled across online marketing. The idea of working anywhere in the world from my laptop felt very appealing. I started pursuing it. I was learning everything about online marketing. Social media, paid advertising, SEO, web development and content writing. You name it, I did a Lynda course on it. I had the Shiny new object -syndrome. Everything seemed so interesting, but I didn’t really get very good at any of those topics. Then, through a friend of mine, I got a position in an SEO company. The company was established 2 weeks before I joined. They were selling SEO -services for Australian businesses. Their SEO strategies were based on Blackhat SEO tactics.
The owner taught me everything he knew about SEO. I fell in love with SEO. I couldn’t stop reading about it. I was working without pay for four months. I was slowly burning through my savings. Something was just telling me to stick with it. I felt that this was an investment that will pay me back. And it did it. With returns that I could never imagine.

Fast forward to the current date, I have been working for myself for over 4 years. A scrappy company that I started with two of my friends, ended up turning into a money-making machine employing over ten people. Our yearly revenues are well over 5,000,000 €. I became a millionaire in short three years. The big question is, what was our business? We did affiliate marketing in the most lucrative, competitive and dirties niche of them all – online gambling.
All the traffic we generate is coming from SEO. We have websites in several different markets, ranking in the top positions with the most lucrative keywords.

What is this blog about

I wanted to document my strategies, techniques and knowledge about SEO, affiliate marketing but also about the business side of things. Over the years I have learned so much of the different aspects of affiliate marketing.
I will share my experiences, mistakes, successes, strategies and techniques.
I don’t want to drill down on the topics that the internet is filled with. Rather I want to write about my own experiences and observations. I want to be very specific with my content. I want to produce content that has some actionable insights.

Who can benefit from this blog

This stuff is for seasoned online marketers, that is more focused on the SEO-side of things but will definitely provide value for beginners too. I’m also open for constructive criticism.

Why I want to share my ‘secrets’

As I mentioned in the beginning. I was given a chance when I didn’t really deserve a chance. I want to give back. There might be occasional affiliate links in the content, but I will always disclose those links. The purpose of this blog is not to make money, but rather give so good back to the university.